13. November 2017


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02. November 2017

How to Use Nomad-Flights

Every good traveler knows the best way to save money on your international flight is to book early and be as flexible as possible with your airports, your travel dates, and your airlines. But skimming through all of that information on skyscanner is overwhelming, and the cheapest multi-leg hacker itineraries on kiwi.com can have deliriously long layovers.

Nomad-Flights is designed to make it easy to browse skyscanner archives for the two most important factors in your flight’s price: date and route.


27. October 2017

Refined by Redditors- The Newest Way to Find Cheap International Flights

Boston Harbor

Affordable international travel makes the world a better place. It brings your loved ones closer, and it makes the horizon seem less distant. If you can find the cheap tickets, you can go anywhere.

A month ago, I wrote a blog introducing Nomad-Flights. I got a lot of feedback from you: the Thrifty Adventurers of r/Shoestring, my family, and my friends.

Now, Nomad-Flights is better than I could have imagined, thanks to the hivemind.